Can dash cam with wifi connect to my phone?

dash cam with wifi

We all know that dash cams are designed to capture footage of the road while you're driving, but did you know that some dash cams now come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to easily connect them to your smartphone? With this technology, you can quickly and easily download, view, and share footage from your dash cam right from your phone. In this blog, we'll explore how to connect your dash cam to your phone's Wi-Fi, why Wi-Fi connectivity is helpful, and why does a dash cam need wifi

How do I connect my phone to dash cams with wifi ?

Here we take Redtiger F7N this wifi enabled dash cam as an example, showing you all the info about dash cam wifi connectivity.

To connect your F7N dash cam to your phone's Wi-Fi, you'll need to download an app called Redtiger to your smartphone. Once you have the app installed, then follow these steps:

Long-press the UP button on your dash cam to turn on Wi-Fi, or press M > Setting > Wi-Fi > ON.

Open the Redtiger app on your smartphone and click "Add Camera." The app will automatically jump to the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile phone.

Find the Wi-Fi network of your F7N dash cam and enter the password "12345678" to connect.

Please note that after your phone connects to the dash cam, you will be out of traffic and VPN. This means that you won't be able to use other apps that require an internet connection while you're connected to your dash cam.

connect your dash cam to your phone

How do I turn on Wi-Fi on my dash cam?

As mentioned above, to turn on Wi-Fi on your F7N dash cam, you'll need to long-press the UP button or navigate to M > Setting > Wi-Fi > ON. Once Wi-Fi is turned on, you can connect to it using the Redtiger app on your smartphone.
So that means you can turn off Wi-Fi if you don’t feel like using it one day.

What good about Wi-Fi on a dash cam?

Dash cam with wifi allows you to connect to the dash cam wirelessly and access footage and settings from your smartphone.
With the Redtiger app, you can view, download, and share footage from your dash cam, adjust settings, and even live stream video. This can be useful for reviewing footage after an accident, sharing footage with your insurance company or law enforcement, or just check out some good images/ videos for your road trips.

Does a dash cam really need wifi ?

No, you don't necessarily need Wi-Fi to use a dash cam. Dash cams typically record footage onto a memory card, which you can then remove and view on your computer. However, Wi-Fi can be a convenient way to access footage and settings without having to remove the memory card from your dash cam. To be honest, dash cams with wifi seem more up-to date and it's really cool to view the footages just on your mobile phone.

Additionally, if your dash cam has GPS, the Wi-Fi feature can make it easier to access GPS playback data. With Wi-Fi, you can quickly transfer GPS data to your phone or computer and view the footage with GPS information overlaid on a map. Overall, while Wi-Fi is not a necessity for a dash cam, it can be a useful feature for convenient access to footage and settings, as well as for GPS playback.

dash cam with wifi makes GPS playback work

Can I use my smartphone as a dash cam?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed While you can't use your smartphone as a dash cam per se, there are apps that can turn your smartphone into a makeshift dash cam. If your dash cam with wifi and then connect to your smartphone, then you can actually have live stream on your phone. However, using your smartphone as a dash cam can drain your phone's battery quickly and may not be as reliable as a dedicated dash cam.


In conclusion, using Wi-Fi on your F7N dash cam can be a convenient way to access footage and settings from your smartphone. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily connect your dash cam to your phone's Wi-Fi and start using the Redtiger app to access and manage your footage. Just remember to be mindful of your data usage and local laws when using your dash cam's Wi-Fi functionality.

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