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Dash Cam For Truckers – Is It Necessary?

Just in the United States, there are more than 500,000 truck accidents each year. According to the FMCSA report, those accidents cause around 5,000 deaths and more than 112,000 injuries. These alarming statistics are more than enough to understand why truck drivers need a dash cam if they want to have evidence and stay safe on the road.

As a truck driver, you probably already perceive how reckless and negligent drivers sometimes cause big accidents on the roads. They ignore all the on-the-road signs, signals, and laws. It becomes imperative for the other drivers to do defensive driving and save others on the road.  But sometimes the situation becomes so unbearable. It becomes important to report a reckless driver. But if you don’t have any evidence, you can’t prove it and your warning can be ignored.

Therefore, you need to have a dash cam so you can prove that you aren’t liable for any accidents. And, even if some unfortunate accident hits you, the footage can verify that it was not in your hands to control the situation.

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Why Don’t More Trucks Use Dash Cam?

It’s interesting to know that dash cams are still not adopted by most vehicles in the world. The reason behind this is this product is relatively a new phenomenon and most drivers don’t know about its benefits. In addition, the USA law doesn’t compel its driver to opt for it. For that reason, it is not required in the USA, and people don’t know its key benefits. However, in Russia, it is almost necessary for a motor vehicle to have a dash cam.

Their ministry pushes their drivers to use this new driving technology. The Russian legal system also doesn’t support your claim if you don’t have the evidence. It’s your responsibility to show that you weren’t at fault in a crash.

 It is pretty likely the law of the USA will also make it essential for the driver to drive with a dash cam as it can accurately determine fault in an accident. But you shouldn’t wait for that. Just get a dash cam for your truck so you can win the case in the courts and prevent dangerous driving. With Redtiger F7NP, you can drive safely and keep your journey safe!

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The NTSB in the United States is now taking steps to secure the life of truckers.

The NTSB in the United States is now taking serious steps to secure the life of truckers. Since they perceive so well, with all the accidents on the roads, truck drivers are affected the most.

It is not easy to control a big vehicle when the reckless and particularly teen drivers are constantly breaking the law. They are now recommending all the trucks be equipped with dash cams so that the truckers can break the common perception that they are the wrongful drivers in the event of an accident.

 When experienced truck drivers know they have a camera that is always capturing the moments leading up to an accident, they have peace of mind. They can safeguard themselves in court. If you are a commercial driver, the presence of a dash camera will save your employer too from suffering the legal consequences. There won’t be any misplaced blame on both of you.

Three Main Types of Truck Dash Cam

We have three main types of truck dash cameras which give companies more control over their fleet safety and serve as an indisputable eyewitness in case of any mishap.

1. A Single Lens of Front-Facing Cameras

These cameras have a single lens and they are typically installed on your front windshield. The purpose of this model is to record audio and video from the front of your truck.

It is like a second set of eyes on the road. Some companies call it DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or EDR (Event Data Recorder) too. Since, it continuously records the footage. But mostly it is famous as a front-facing dash camera. It’s also immensely easy to install; you don’t need any technical knowledge. Just mount it to the windshield. It in fact takes less than two minutes to install this camera. Apart from the superior quality video, this model hugely relies on its g-sensor, as it is used to detect incidents automatically and sends you or your fleet managers the footage and location of the accident.

Redtiger F7NS features with front UHD 2160P with Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.16" LCD screen dash camera for cars.


2. A Single Unit with Two Lenses - Dual-Facing Dash Camera

You can call it a single unit with two lenses. The thing that makes this model special is it films the interior situation of your truck too (particularly the driver).

In a way, it records two pieces of footage simultaneously. As it has more features and it provides greater insight than a former model, it is a tad more expensive. You have to challenge your pockets a bit to relish its advantages. Companies and especially parents love the dual-facing dash cam. The purpose of this model is to improve the behavior of the drivers. Companies can keep an eye on their driver and notice how their drivers perform on long drives or on difficult terrain. Similarly, parents can have the clear-views of in-cab activity.

They can warn their kids if they detect dangerous or distracted driving. Redtiger F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam, which is mini camera for car and also has multi function is popular in many countries and high recommend by tech enthusiasts in 2022.

3. Multi-Camera System - Front & Rear & Inside View

Do you want a complete system? Well, choose a multi-camera dash cam system. It acts as your vehicle’s black box and records everything (front, rear, and inner footage).

The good thing is the cameras in the system are completely customizable. You can make them focus on the things or angles you want.

For example, if you have a large truck and changing the lanes sometimes creates problems for you, you can use two cameras on each side of the truck so they can focus on the lanes and give you live recordings. In other words, this system gives the drivers ability to see what’s happening around them.  Especially the side cameras decrease the blind-spot collision chances and make it easy for the driver to make tight turns. Redtiger in-Car Rear Camera for F7N is a rotating in-car rear backup camera for dashcam that can record both inside the car and outside the car, as you choose to switch.


Dash cameras are making sure traffic laws are obeyed and no reckless behavior is taking place. Due to the high number of truck accidents, the truckers should use one of these models for their own protection, as sometimes a simple hit can lead to $10,000 damages, especially if you don’t have any evidence to prove your innocence. As a skilled driver, with dash cam footage, it will also be possible for you to avoid wrongful license suspensions.

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