Dashcam Accessories and Add-Ons:
What's Worth the Investment

Installing a dashcam in your car is a foolproof way to ensure safety and security on the road. But what if you could enhance the device’s abilities even further? Well, today, there are several top-notch accessories and add-ons that can bring you even more protection in the case of an incident.

Adding accessories might not be necessary for everyone; however, equipping your dashcam with items like an anti-glare lens or GPS module can be massively beneficial. So, let’s look at seven accessories and add-ons and help you determine if they are worth the investment!

Anti-Glare and Circular Polarizers

The clearer the footage your dashcam records, the clearer the evidence will be. When you’re on the road, there will be times when reflections or lighting conditions hinder the camera’s abilities. Well, that’s where anti-glare and circular polarizers come into play. Installing either of these lenses will ensure you capture razor-sharp video even on extremely sunny days.

The good news is that these polarizing lenses won’t cost you an arm and a leg–nope! You can find them for around $30, and the value you get is priceless. So, if you live somewhere with frequent sunny days, you may want to invest in a polarizer to make sure your dashcam is capturing footage as it should.

Parking Surveillance

Car dashcams are indispensable for documenting incidents while driving. But what about when your car is parked? That’s where parking surveillance features come into play. Purchasing a parking mode kit will offer an extra layer of protection that will capture events like vandalism, theft, and collisions. But how does the feature work?

While parked, the car dashcam will be triggered to record when there’s movement near the vehicle or when G-sensors detect a collision, depending on which product you have. Investing in a parking mode add-on is the best and only way to receive continuous coverage while you’re not driving. If you consistently park your car on the street, this feature is for you.

Back-Up Camera

When you purchase a dashcam, the package may only include a front-facing camera. You will then have to decide if you would like to add a rear-facing camera. Having the additional camera will give you much more comprehensive coverage. In the event that your car is rear-ended, the rear-facing camera will have documented the entire incident. The camera can also be used to give you a view behind the vehicle while you are reversing, reducing your chances of hitting an obstacle or pedestrian.

A back-up camera is just as useful as a front-facing camera. So, when you’re considering a car dashcam, adding on a rear-facing cam is an excellent choice for all drivers. Consider it as an extra set of eyes that enhances safety and allows you to be a more confident driver.

In-Car Rear-Facing Camera

In addition to outside rear-facing cameras, you’ll also have the option to purchase an in-car rear-facing camera. This option allows you to place the camera on the front windshield to record footage of the passengers in the car. For Uber and Lyft drivers, these cameras will provide protection against aggressive passengers. Or, if a passenger makes false claims, the in-car footage can be used to dispute them. In-car rear-facing cameras can also be used as a back-up camera if installed on the back windshield. Just like outdoor cameras, you’ll have a full view of what’s happening behind your vehicle.

in car fear facing camera

High-Endurance SD Card

Car dashcams put a lot of strain on their SD cards. Think of the memory chips as the heart of the device. If the SD card can’t handle the energy load, well, the dashcam isn’t going to perform properly. Faulty SD cards can lead to frozen screens, low-quality footage, connectivity issues, and corrupted files–nobody wants that to happen. So, opting for a high-quality memory card is an invaluable investment.

But which SD card should you get? That depends on the dashcam you’re using. For our RedTiger cams, we recommend our specially designed 4k Class 10 SD Card (32/128GB options available). By simply upgrading the memory card, you’ll optimize your cam to perform at its highest potential. So, don’t overlook this affordable yet effective upgrade.

Mounts with GPS Module

Not all car dashcam mounts are the same. You have the opportunity to upgrade to a mount that includes a GPS module. What does a GPS module offer you? Well, it will upgrade your dashcam from being just a video recorder to a tool that also tracks your speed and location while driving. The additional information will strengthen your case in the event of an incident on the road.

GPS modules are also a great way for parents to monitor the driving behavior of their children or for companies to manage and optimize their drivers. Despite the additional features a mount with a GPS module includes, it is an affordable investment. We offer our mount at less than $30. So, why not take your dashcam coverage to the next level?

Hardwire Kit

Upgrading your dashcam with a hardwire kit is an excellent way to have more protection and prevent the device from draining your car’s battery. A hardware kit will allow you to connect your dashcam directly to your vehicle’s fuse box, eliminating the need for an external wire to be plugged into the USB port or cigarette lighter. Not only will this enhance the aesthetics of your car, but it will also make the device more discreet.

A hardwire kit will enable your dashcam to operate even when the car is parked and turned off. Most of these kits will include a monitoring feature that automatically shuts off the device if it’s exhausting too much of the vehicle’s energy. You won’t have to worry about killing your battery in order to utilize parking mode. Convenient, right?

Final Thoughts

Car dashcam accessories and add-ons can take your device to a whole new level. For the most part, these extras are very affordable but offer huge value. Everyone has different preferences and needs, so don’t think you have to purchase every single accessory on the market. Instead, take a look through our catalog of add-ons and see which ones would benefit you the most. Remember, the purpose of a dashcam is to capture evidence of incidents in and around your vehicle, and the more coverage your dashcam provides, the better.

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