Do dash cameras record speed?

do dash cameras record speed

Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular among drivers due to their ability to record accidents and other incidents on the road. These devices have come a long way since their inception, with many models now offering advanced features such as motion detection, and night vision. However, many drivers are curious about whether or not dashcams measure speed, and if so, how this feature works. In this blog post, we'll explore these questions and more.

How do dash cameras record speed?

The answer to this question depends on the specific dashcam model. While some dashcams do track speed, others do not. Dashcams with built-in GPS sensors are typically able to track speed, as well as other data such as location and altitude. However, dashcams without GPS sensors are not able to track speed in this way.

Dashcams with built-in GPS sensors track speed by using satellite positioning data to calculate the vehicle's speed and location. This information is then recorded alongside the video footage captured by the dashcam. Some advanced dashcams, like the Redtiger F7N, can also display real-time speed data on the dashcam screen or via a connected mobile app.

It's worth noting that while GPS-enabled dashcams can provide accurate speed tracking, they may not always be 100% precise. Factors like poor satellite reception, urban canyons, and tunnels can all affect the accuracy of GPS data. Additionally, some dashcams may also rely on other sensors, like accelerometers, to estimate speed when GPS data is unavailable.

What Else Does Dash Cam Track?

In addition to speed, many dashcams are capable of tracking other data such as acceleration, braking, and even G-forces. Some dashcams also feature motion detection, which allows them to record even when the car is parked and unattended. Additionally, many dashcams offer loop recording, which automatically records over the oldest footage once the storage space is full.

Can You Turn Speed Off on Dash Cam?

If you have a dashcam that tracks speed but you don't want to use this feature, you may be able to turn it off. However, this will depend on the specific model and its settings. Some dashcams may allow you to disable the speed tracking feature, while others may not.

Dash cam that records speed

The Redtiger F7N dashcam is a high-quality dashcam that offers advanced speed tracking capabilities. Equipped with a built-in GPS sensor, the F7N is able to accurately track your vehicle's speed. This dashcam also features loop recording, motion detection, and a wide-angle lens that captures a clear view of the road ahead.

The built-in GPS feature of the Redtiger F7N dashcam not only allows for accurate tracking of your vehicle's speed, but also provides valuable data such as location and direction. When you turn on the screen saver, you can view all of this information in real time. (And of course since you can turn it on, you can always turn it off. 

In addition to real-time speed tracking, the F7N also records speed data in the video footage. This means that when you play back your recordings, you can see not only the video but also the speed at which you were driving. This can be particularly useful in the event of an accident, as it can provide important evidence regarding the circumstances of the incident.

The F7N's GPS sensor also allows for advanced features such as geotagging, which enables you to see the exact location of the footage on a map. This can be helpful in providing additional context for the video, such as if you were driving through a particular area with known traffic issues or road hazards.

dash cam speed


In conclusion, whether or not your dashcam measures speed will depend on the specific model and its features. If you're interested in dash cam that records speed , the Redtiger F7N is a great option. With its built-in GPS sensor and other advanced features, this dashcam offers a reliable way to record your driving experiences and stay safe on the road.

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