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Does Having a Dash Cam Lower Insurance?


Nowadays, when it is the ear of vlogging and intelligent devices. Dash cams are also becoming famous among users. Although Dash cams have been in the market for many years, they were primarily used by traffic controllers, at checkpoints, and for other security measures.

However, in today's era, every user can benefit from Dashcams. This incredible technology has helped reduce theft, road accidents, and other road activities. If you provide footage of an accident, some insurances in the market offer discounts to dash cam keepers. As for that, let us have a look at that. 

What Is Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a small camera that helps you record the roadside scenes once attached to the car's windscreen. In some vehicles, there are two dash cameras present. Out of them, one is used to record the front view, and the other is used to capture rear window scenes. You should also know that Dash cams reduce your car insurance cost just because of monitoring yourself all the time. 


Working On Dash Cam

Dash cam works differently than a standard mobile camera or digital camera. When you mount it on the top of the windscreen in this camera, you can't control the on and off process. Once you start the car, the camera will automatically start working.

In some dash cams, you also get an option of recording when a car is moving. So, the best part here is that you never need to turn on and off the camera every time. 

Does Having A Dash Cam Lower Insurance Cost?

Every dash cam owner's most commonly asked question is if it reduces insurance costs or not. I want to tell you that "YES." While getting your car insurance, it's worth mentioning to the insurer and getting discounts. But there are some factors that you need to keep in mind while having insurance.

If you have told the insurer about having a dash cam, you must prove this by showing the footage. Otherwise, your discounts may end, and you will need to repay. 


Why Owning Dash Cam Reduces Insurance?

Well, insurance provides love to get safe drivers. This is why, when a person claims and is ready to open up the road footage. There is a higher chance of getting discounts. But, nowadays, when several users have dash cams has become high. Some companies only offer discounts to owners with high-quality cameras. 

Along with that, dash cams prevent your car from any mishap like theft, damage, and stealing of car while connected to the cloud storage. So, in an accident, the car can quickly recover easily. This is why your car insurance costs are low.

How Can Dash Cams Reduces Insurance Premiums?

As we know, dash cams record you every time, so there is less chance of error. Even if you make a mistake resulting in an accident, you get caught due to the footage witnessed. There is also a high risk that the other driver will brake up in front of your car, claiming to get a discount against you. 

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How Can I Use Dash Cam Footage For Insurance Claim?

To get insurance, you need to follow some basic rules and tips. Like:

● You need to prove your side by showing the footage.

● Send dash cam footage to your insurer for claims.

● For sending footage, you can take the help of the Redtiger Cam App.  

● Ensure that you have Wi-Fi connected to your app.

● You can also send the footage through an S.D. card physically.

So, here you are, all set for the claim. Many insurance companies get happier and feel the pleasure of sorting out claims. 

Are Dash Cams Worth Buying?

Yes, Dash Cams are worth buying. These cams give you safety against theft, accidents, and other insurance frauds. But the advantages you can get from dash cams are highly dependent on your car usage, how you drive, and the camera quality. 

Also, some models are easy to install and set up. At the same time, other high-end models require professional installation. So, notice all the factors before buying a cam, and you are all set. 


Can I get a discount for owning a dash cam?

If you are receding in the U.S., there are low to no chances of getting discounts for installing and owning a dash cam. But, installing one can save you from theft, damage, and other claims and frauds. Also, if there is a fake claim against you, dash cams will keep you. 


To get insurance discounts, reduce the chances of theft, accidents, and crimes, and save yourself from the scams of other drives, you always need to install the Dash cams. These cams increase your car's protection and keep you in many ways. If you don't have a budget to buy costly cams, you can go with a cheap one. But it is always essential to go with one.

Suppose you have something to add up to this article or to suggest. You are welcome to mention it. Thanks for giving it a read. 

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