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Is 32GB Enough for a Dash Cam?


When shopping for a dash cam system to install in their vehicle, many individuals have a bad habit of forgetting one essential component: the microSD card. Using a MicroSD card in a dash cam is extremely important .Research has shown that high-capacity micro SD cards with Class 10 and MLC technology are the most suitable for dash cams. This means that these cards offer brisk download and upload speeds and increased longevity.

What Are the Factors to Consider for Dash Cam Memory Card?

Are you looking for a dash cam memory card? You don't just buy any memory card you come across. There are key factors that you will need to consider before you buy your dash cam memory card. 

◉ Resolution

When the resolution is increased, the amount of space required for storing also increases. It takes up much more room to store a 4K image than a 1080p image, which takes up much more space than a 720p image.

◉ Rewriting

Memory cards used in dash cams are repeatedly written over and updated. A memory card with a bigger capacity will have a longer lifespan because it will require fewer write cycles.

◉ Time usage

One hour of recording in 1080p requires around 6 gigabytes of storage space. If you drive for two hours every day, five days a week, you will need approximately 32 gigabytes of storage space or a card with sixty-four thousand gigabytes.

◉ Frame rates

In most cases, dashboard cameras can record between 30 and 60 frames per second (fps). The image produced at 60 frames per second is of higher quality; however, it requires twice as much storage space as video captured at 30 frames per second.

◉ Capacity

It is essential to always bear in mind the storage space available on your card. What is the maximum capacity, and when does it stop recording once it reaches that point? Does it immediately restart from the beginning and replace any previous recordings with newer ones? 

In either case, it is to your advantage to be familiar with the capabilities of your camera concerning the storage memory cards you use.

◉ Brand

Even if you buy a card with a well-known brand name, it does not guarantee that the SD card will be able to be used for an indefinite amount of time. However, we advocate using SD cards sold by trustworthy organizations such as Redtiger. Despite this, we recommend that you check your SD card at least once per month and replace it at least once yearly.


So, Is 32GB Enough for a Dash Cam?

Are you concerned whether 32GB can sustain your dash cam as you record? Those who utilize their dash cams for filming while driving greatly benefit from purchasing a card with 32 gigabytes of storage space. This often amounts to roughly three to four hours of recording in 1080P, which is more than sufficient for most drivers.

Several technical specifications should be considered when searching for a memory card optimal for your dash cam. You should strive to choose a MicroSD card with a storage capacity that allows you to record enough footage for an entire day (minimum). Therefore, we suggest using a microSD card with 32 gigabytes of storage space.

How long does 32GB last in a dash cam?

The length of your footage is always the greatest consideration when looking for a dash cam memory card, right? As a result, 32GB can contain footage of up to four hours while recording at 720p HD or 30 frames per second when recording at full 1080 HD. 

Also, if the dash cam is recording at 1440p Quad HD footage, the 32GB memory card will only contain footage of up to two hours.


How long can I record with 32GB?

A micro SD card with 32 gigabytes of storage may record around 40 hours of continuous 1080p video at 25 frames per second. A 32GB micro SD card can record continuously for approximately three days at 1080p and 20 frames per second. Loop recording is utilized when data is saved to a microSD card. When the memory card is filled, it will destroy the first hour of the footage automatically.

How long can a 32GB microSD card store 4K video?

For reference purposes, a 4K video with maximum compression, the lowest frame rate, and the least bit rate will record approximately 75 minutes on a 32GB SD card. In contrast, a film with the best quality will fill the memory in approximately 10 minutes. This is the case even though both were recording in 4K.

How many pictures can a 32GB memory card hold?

Do you enjoy taking pictures with your dashboard camera? If this is the case, you will need a memory card that can save as many photographs as feasible.  Amazingly a 32 GB SD card enables you to keep 47,000 images.

When choosing a memory card for your dash cam, you should remember that high-endurance cards are required compared to general-purpose cards. Also, try to pick one sturdy and covered by a warranty, as it may deteriorate over time.

A memory card with the proper performance and storage capacity can extend the runtime of dash cams. Investing in high-quality, dependable memory cards for your dash cam is worthwhile to ensure that you capture high-quality footage when and when you need it.

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Finally, we strongly suggest to every one of our customers that they invest in a 32GB card that can be stored in their vehicle at all times. The rationale for this is that you can utilize them if your SD card in the device fails or if you are going to be away on a trip and will be unable to save or review the film in time before it is overwritten.

For more information about a 32GB card for a dash cam, contact Redtiger.

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