The Secret to Perfect Car Parking


—Elsa, 28th Oct 2022

Once upon a time, owning a car was a dream for individuals. Nevertheless, with the increase of vehicles, the issue of "car parking difficulty" has become more and more severe for car owners. In addition to the lack of parking resources, the complex road conditions have also become a stumbling block for drivers to park smoothly. So why is car parking so hard? And how to park a car smoothly? Let's keep watching!


For which group of people is it more difficult to parking cars?

The first group is folks who are physically uncoordinated. This kind of person will appear nervous behavior obviously when driving. The fundamental trigger is that, first of all, they are not confident in their driving skills, and there is one more point, they find that their body is not coordinated in their past driving experience. And they instinctively feel nervous and afraid.

And once such people meet an emergency on the way of driving, they are likely to bring about an accident because of panic, and even the absurd incident of mistaking the accelerator for the brake. For people faced with more complex operations and more variable environments than driving on a flat road, car parking is undoubtedly a strenuous task.

The second group is the slow responders. In our daily life, there must be a host of characters who has done tests relevant to reaction ability, which reflects the existence of some people, such people are born with a defect in reaction ability than normal people. But driving is not equal to playing games. Danger can happen anytime and anywhere, and the time for a driver to react can merely be just a few seconds. So drivers require being able to react quickly when danger is approaching.

Similarly, when reversing, drivers need to sum up the optimal car parking solution in their mind according to different parking environments and try to keep a safe distance between their own car and neighboring vehicles, otherwise, it will give rise to trouble or even accidents to others.

The third group has a poor sense of direction. Provided that a man has more than a poor sense of direction, it is also extremely difficult for them to reverse. This kind of public may reflect the characteristics of unclear direction in childhood. The common phenomenon is that they can not tell the exact direction, and a more serious one is that they can't tell right from left. This kind of people is definitely easy to operate misses, even with the help of instruments, they may not find the right direction.


When is it difficult to parking cars?

In the course of the day, with better light conditions drivers can react more acutely to complex road environments and park their vehicles. On the contrary, the dim light at night results in the line of sight being reduced, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of driving and car parking. Are there any tips to do us a favor when parking at night?

Turn off all lights in the car

With the development of technology, quite a few cars are now equipped with ambient lights. In order to adjust the atmosphere inside the car, many owners like to turn on the atmosphere lights at night. But at night, the atmosphere light will reflect the light inside the car, not only can not play the role of lighting but also affect the driver's line of sight, thus affecting driving safety. Therefore, when we drive at night, we'd better turn off the interior atmosphere lights, especially when parking cars.

Observe the reversing position

Before backing up at night, we must first look at the parking space where we will back up, go around the car to see if there are any obstacles, look at where it is easy to rub against the car, and familiarize ourselves with the parking space. And simulate the route before reversing, so you know what you're going to do. Whether it is day or night, we should familiarize ourselves with the parking space first, so as to ensure that we can accurately back into it when backing up.

Use the brake light

Quite a few cars have just inverted lights, which can play a role in lighting, but their brightness is limited. At this point, we can turn on the brake lights to illuminate, the deeper you apply the brakes, the brighter the brake lights. When we're parking cars at night, applying the brakes can also prevent your vehicle from hitting obstacles.

Pay attention to the position of the conductor

Some novice drivers have no experience when reversing at night, so they will let characters out of the car to help direct. But drivers must slow down a bit when backing up at night since there is no way to see the conductor. The commanding officer should also be careful not to stand in the path of the driver and alert the driver once he sees the driver coming.

In short, we must be cautious when reversing at night, and make good use of the lighting. Look over the parking space and simulate the route before backing out. In particular, don't be too nervous when backing up, be sure to stay calm. When you hold the view that the car might scrape, cease to back out and take a look.


What kinds of car parking situations make it difficult for you to reverse park?

Stop between two cars (★★)

This is undoubtedly the most common parking situation that the majority of the population will encounter. First of all, all reversing skills are based on knowing enough about the size of your car. Secondly, when parking, does not rush to back the car into the parking space but should observe the width of the entire parking space to learn whether it is greater than or equal to the width of their own car, and then back up. At the same time, do not be tempted to make a single change of direction and stop smoothly, you can make multiple adjustments

Side parking (★★★)

Lateral parking is a mounting common situation in the city, especially when formal parking Spaces become scarce, In many places existing street-side locations are zoned for parking spaces, called "lateral parking spaces", this parking situation is also a headache for many drivers. Follow these five steps to help you back up easily.

  1. ● Judge the length of parking space according to the vehicle type.
  2. ● Adjust to an applicable distance and prepare for reversing.
  3. ● Turn the steering wheel to the far right
  4. ● Adjust the distance between the car and the road shoulder according to the right rearview mirror.
  5. ● Park the car straight and adjust the distance between the front and rear.

Ramp parking (★★★★★)

Of all the parking situations, ramp parking is far and away the most frustrating. It is a test of the driver's clutch control ability. It is a test of the driver's clutch control ability. The semi-linkage position of the clutch is difficult to master, if the clutch is raised at a small angle, the car will lack forward power and resulting in an easy slide. If the clutch lifts at a higher angle, the car engine power is insufficient which will be easy to stall. So drivers are supposed to pay attention to the control of the clutch when practicing driving, whether it's looking at the tachometer or listening to the sound, choosing their own familiar methods to practice.

In general, when the difficulty of reversing caused by the driver's psychological tension and unskilled driving technique is excluded, external environmental factors are the dominating factors affecting the success of reversing. Especially in a complex unfamiliar environment, and at the same time there is no one around the driver to help command and assist with parking, the difficulty of parking will increase significantly. At this point, we need to take proactive steps to help ourselves take control of parking.


Parking tool——parking mode dash cam

Many novice drivers will equip their cars with reversing images to assist in parking cars. However, it is worth noting that if the original car's display screen is used to install the full-car reversing image, some functions of the original car display screen may be affected to some extent. But if the original display is not used, the driver needs to install the manufacturer's display in the car. This is upsetting.

To some extent, lower-level reversing images provide relatively simple functions for customers, such as only providing auxiliary reversing functions. In comparison, the allocation rate of tachographs on vehicles is higher. People with parking needs can take buying a parking mode dash cam for themselves into account.

Some of the special features that come with dash cams are often useful tools for car parking, such as the REDTIGER T27 Smart Rearview Mirror Camera-Dashcams. This best dash cam front and rear with parking mode have a front-facing 4K resolution and a 2.5K (2560 * 1440) rearview camera. The camera's six-layer glass lenses enhance night vision in dark environments, helping us capture small details while parking and avoid accidental collisions and scratches.

What’s more, the highly sensitive sensor can capture clear and vivid color video even in a strong or low-light environment. Therefore, whether it is day or night, foggy or rainy, we can clearly perceive the position and direction of the car according to the HD smooth images and videos, so as to help us reverse park.

Connecting the red wire for the reverse parking mode

The installation of the red wire is also very convenient. You can follow the following procedure.

  1. Remove the wiring harness connected to the reversing light. With the car on and the ENGINE NOT RUNNING, have a person step on the brake and engage the Reverse gear. At the same time, the person with a 12V Circuit Tester should measure the wire voltage with the brakes off. Make sure the ENGINE IS NOT RUNNING. If the tester light is on, this wire is the positive pole of the reversing wire. If not, keep checking the other wires until the tester light is on.
  2. Cut the red wire of the rear camera cable to expose the copper wire, twist the copper wire with the positive wire of the reversing light, wrap it with insulating tape, and then connect the rear camera to the rear camera cable.
  3. Now when you put the car in reverse, the reverse assist line will appear on the unit.

It is worth noting that the REDTIGER T27 Smart Rearview Mirror Camera is specially equipped with the parking guide function in comparison with the general tachograph. How does this feature help us park? Let's continue to learn!

The parking guide function of the rearview mirror dash cam

When the vehicle is put into reverse, the parking guide will light up and a distance line will appear on the display screen, according to which the car owner will judge the trajectory of the reverse parking and thus be able to effectively determine how to operate the steering wheel. When the steering wheel turns, the guidance line will also change.


Ensure that the guidance line can be aligned with the whole garage and control the speed slowly. If the line is particularly close to the obstacles next to it, the vehicle should be driven forward for adjustment. As long as the track line in the parking guide coincides with the garage, the car can be perfectly backed into the garage. If the parking guide shows a red sign, it means that the car is particularly close to the nearby obstacle. Following the parking instructions, reverse parking is a piece of cake for us!


In general, practice makes perfect. If you want to park skillfully, you need to look and think a lot in your daily life. On the basis of being fully familiar with the size and performance of vehicles, we can use tools to cope with the changeable and harsh external environment and reduce the interference of non-human factors on parking. A combination of practice and a useful rear-view mirror dash cam is the secret to car parking!